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Our Process

Health & Wellness the Tribe Way

The Tribe way is not a quick fix or a one-time adjustment. 

To achieve the best results for your body and your healing, we take the time to educate our patients about our practice, to dive into what chiropractic is, and to create a personalized care plan that gets the Dr. Stevens’ seal of approval!

How Do We Do It?

The Secrets to Success

Osteopath at Work


We take our patients’ history very seriously at Tribe Family Chiropractic. By walking through previous injuries, health problems, and instances of trauma, we’re able to craft the best care recommendation for you or your child possible.


We dive deep into whatever it is you’re hoping to get out of your care. Do you need more sleep? Always waking up tired? Feel daily aches and pains from a previous injury? Every patient’s goal is different, and we will help you reach yours.

Pressure point massage 2


This is where we break out the fun chiropractic tools. Our scans reveal your energy output, where you hold stress, and what systems need to be put back in order. We’ll take all this into account when we discuss the best way to proceed with care.


We love explaining what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. Not just because we love chiropractic care, but because it gives you and your family the answers to why you’re always tired, or maybe why your child is having problems adapting to their environment.


The Tribe Way

At the end of it all, we’ll talk care plan, next moves, and get in your first adjustment! 

By following this process, we're not only able to create a care plan that's tailored to your needs and your goals, we'll help get your body back on track to doing what it does best: healing itself! 

Interested? Check out our services to learn more!

Join the Tribe

If you're interested in receiving the same care as our other happy patients, contact us today!

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