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Chiropractic Care for Pregnancy

Is Chiropractic Safe When Pregnant?

Roughly 50% of pregnant women will experience some form of back or hip pain at some point during the pregnancy - but is it safe for expecting moms?


Webster technique and chiropractic care are very effective, noninvasive and safe forms of treatment for pregnant women who are seeking relief. There are three P’s that we discuss consistently in the office that relates to expecting mamas:

Power - Mama needs the power to push, and the power to really take control of the birthing process.


Passage - A mom’s Pelvis needs to be aligned and ready to go for the birthing process. Many times the pelvis will be off and this may lead to torque or tension going into birth. Our philosophy is getting things prepared for the big day, and this is a very important part of the process!


Passenger - This is one of the most important parts of the process! Although we don’t “adjust” the baby in the womb, we create an environment that the baby can move and has full access to squirm and grow freely. We do this by working with certain ligaments as well as muscles to really loosen up the belly in order for the baby to reach their optimal position.

We stress to all of our patients, and especially our pregnant mamas that chiropractic care is not only completely safe, but also relieves the strain of their pregnancy, prepares their bodies for the birthing process, and helps the kiddo grow big and strong before they've even entered this world!

Chiropractic for Expecting Mothers

For pregnant women, their bodies produce a number of hormones that prepare their ligaments and joints for giving birth; but these hormones, and other side effects of pregnancy (like a protruding stomach, pelvic changes, and adaptations in posture), can put an inordinate amount of strain on a woman’s body.


Some benefits of chiropractic care for expecting mothers include:

  • Maintaining a healthier pregnancy

  • Controlling nausea

  • Reducing the duration of labor and delivery

  • Relieving hip, neck, back, joint, and ligament pain

  • Increasing the odds of avoiding a C-section


Our goal is to provide chiropractic care throughout and after pregnancy so both mom and baby can be as healthy and possible. To learn more about how we provide chiropractic care for expecting mothers, contact us today!

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