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"Dr. Taylor Stevens is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. I recommend his practice to anyone with existing pains/issues or just for general chiropractic checkups and advice.”

Cody Averett

Amazing service and the explanation Dr. Taylor gives is amazing. My daughter left there feeling amazing. totally recommend Tribe Family Chiropractor.”

Dr. Taylor is wonderful. His approach to overall wellness and serious commitment to helping his patients resolve issues verses band-aide fixes is amazing! He truly wants to make peoples’ lives better! I highly recommend Tribe Chiropractic for all family members!”

Jessica Jolly

Nicole Joslin Green

Taylor Stevens, or as I should now say Dr. Taylor Stevens, is a truly amazing, wonderful and special kinda guy! What he has done for our family is unbelievable I don't think he'll ever truly know what he means to us. Ok he may not of used his practices on our daughter but in a way he did... after meeting him we headed back to the UK not too hopeful of how much time we would have left with our daughter but he changed our hopes, not only did he pray for her he had an entire army pray for her he gave us hope and strength when we were running low he built us up! I believe in my heart he is a guardian Angel and if he can help a family who lives thousands of miles away God knows what he can do for those who are in touch with his hands! Thank you for all you have ever done for us as a family, we could never have don't it or got through it without you! Eternally grateful... good luck xx

Dr. Taylor is a wonderful teacher. He explained what was going on with my spine and what chiropractic care can do for me. I like the fact that he took his time to understand how I felt and listened attentively. After two visits, I feel great. Thank you.”

Carol Halligan

Kevin Carter

"Can’t recommend him enough, he excellent at what he does. He is very knowledgeable and caring.”

Jonathan Michael Moore

I enjoyed meeting Dr. Taylor today. You and your staff, hi 👋Susie, are friendly and welcoming, yet professional. The office is a great, kid friendly place. Love the decor!”

Lorna Haughey

Had a great experience, Dr. Stevens is knowledgeable and was just all around really great! I’m on my feet a lot at work and carry a lot of stress in my neck, I already feel better after one visit!”

Summer Handley-Sinor

Dr. Stevens takes the time and the care to know you. He is dedicated to his profession and will always make you comfortable and at ease. Trust and kindness are the first words that come to mind in reference to Dr. Stevens.

Rochelle A Rhodes

Dr. Stevens is AMAZING with kids. Hands down our best experience with a chiropractor in Northwest Arkansas. Our 3rd child (7-year-old boy) is 6 appointments in on our care plan, and we are already seeing amazing results. Our son has sensory issues, is on the spectrum, and tends to have trouble calming down and controlling his emotions. After just 2 weeks we are seeing definite change and growth. Also, his care plans are affordable and worth every penny! We are very grateful to have found Dr. Stevens and appreciate what he is doing for our community!

Sarah Gielow

“Great place. Great service. Knowledgeable.”

Roger McCloud

Kid helps with chiropractic adjustment.j

Dr. Stevens is a caring and compassionate doctor. I would recommend him to anyone striving to become the best version of him or herself. He has a servant heart and truly cares about his patients

Dawn Thomas

Thank you so much Dr. Stevens! I appreciate you taking time to explain to Hunter what you were going to do and why! You are the BEST!

Nakia Gully

A great big thank you to Dr. Stevens - after preparing for my sons’ graduations - yes joyful but stressful - Taylor did a little adjustment and I was so relaxed!”

Anne Cristee

Dr. Taylor has been a Godsend for our family. We’re currently on a care plan where our four-year-old son is receiving adjustments three times a week, and we’re amazed at the progress he’s already displaying from just a few visits! It’s clear that we’ve found someone who is not only extremely knowledgeable, but in-tune with the needs of his patients. The work he does truly is an art. Thank you for offering us a ray of hope when the skies were seeming to dim. We are forever grateful.

MacKensie Struble

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