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The Importance of Teaching Kids Good Posture

Why Do Kids Have Bad Posture?

When it comes to neck pain and back problems, we traditionally assign those issues to adults who sit at desks all day or are on the move constantly to keep up with their kids. But rarely do we consider if those same kids are having problems with their spines.

Just for a second, consider how much time your child sits at school all day, wears a backpack that probably weighs just as much as them, plays sports, or looks at an iPad. Although every child is different, there’s no question that our kids’ spines take a lot of damage throughout the day.

And for all the issues that are related to smartphones and tablets (i.e. text neck, muscle tension in shoulders, neck pain, etc.), we’re starting to see these problems in younger and younger kids each year.

10 Tips for Improving Your Child’s Posture

  1. Make sure your kids are active every day

  2. Teach them how to lengthen their spines when sitting AND standing so it becomes a habit

  3. Avoid creating a dominant side so that your child’s body is balanced

  4. Keep backpacks as light as possible and make sure your kids wear both shoulder straps

  5. Although young children are typically quite flexible, make sure they don’t overstretch or hyperextend themselves

  6. Set a good example and make sure you also have good posture

  7. Praise your child when you see them sitting or standing up straight

  8. Consider purchasing ergonomic furniture or a simple yoga ball

  9. Show them how to relax the muscles around their spine

  10. Play games that emphasize good posture - like balancing a book on your head and walking around the house

When it comes to good posture, the most important tip we can give parents is to start early. Children typically learn their postural habits before the age of 7, and once the way they’ve learned to sit or stand has become a habit, it’s incredibly difficult to change that.

Also, keep in mind that everyone, including our kids, is sitting more than usual during the cold winter months. Be sure you and your kids are staying active every day so that everyone in your family has a healthy spine!

If you think your child could use some extra help with their posture, consider bringing them in for a chiropractic adjustment. We’ll relieve any muscle tension in the spine, get rid of any subluxations, and put their bodies in alignment so that they can sit and stand up straight. Contact us today!

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